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TimTim Stewart has spent nearly 30 years in the legislative and regulatory environment in Washington D.C. Since 2004 Mr. Stewart has founded and managed three government relations and consulting firms. In 2004 he established the American Capitol Group, a full-service government relations firm. In 2009, he helped found Energy North America, an energy-consulting firm, and in 2011, he reunited with his former employer Senator Robert F. Bennett (R-UT) to establish the Bennett Consulting Group.

Tim also serves as the President of the US Oil and Gas Association, one of the nation’s oldest trade associations representing the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Stewart specializes in Congressional appropriations, energy and environment, agriculture, water and natural resources policy. He has represented a broad array of clients, including defense, energy interests, universities, tribes, trade associations, municipalities, state and country governments, and small businesses working to both promote and protect their interests. He is also politically active in those circles of influence most important to his clients’ interests.

Prior to his work in the private sector, from 2001 to 2003 Mr. Stewart was the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Natural Resources. Tim also served for several years as a top aide to former Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT), a senior member of the Senate leadership and a policy leader in finance, energy and natural resource arena. When Senator Bennett retired after 18 years in the Senate, they established the Bennett Consulting Group.