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Bennett Group DC has experts who know how to make sense of our current political environment. Our partners have spent years weighing policy, writing briefs and white papers and walking in the marble halls of Congress and state legislatures. We know how the system works–and how it can work for you.

It’s not enough to just know the issues; it comes down to knowing those people in power who set the agendas and influence the process.

That’s the value of having us on board.

Bob Bennett and his key associates determined that they wanted to use their years of experience in the halls of government to help others succeed. With partners who have navigated successfully through the shoals of government procurement, Bennett Group DC brings together innovators and entrepreneurs with government decision-makers by helping its clients find the money, acquire the management skills and identify the markets so their ideas can become realities.

In an era when constituents demand more for less from government at all levels, it is even more important to find cost-effective solutions to meeting the demands of the public. The focus at Bennett Group is to identify those products and services that improve efficiency and operations at all levels of government, particularly those things that use technology and innovation to deliver what voters demand in a time when budgets are shrinking. These solutions include everything from software to services…anything and everything that Bennett Group identifies that improves the way government operates.